Alexandra Rose

Alexandra Rose

Acupuncture Physician

When we first heard about Dr. Rose’s accomplishments and experience, we thought, “she’s too good to be true.” When we met her, we realized that Family Tree Acupuncture had found itself a unicorn. 

On the one hand, you can say our clinic has really good luck. On the other hand, Dr. Rose feels exactly like the caliber of practitioner that our patients have come to expect at Family Tree Acupuncture, so the law of attraction must be in full effect.

Although Dr. Rose is the newest acupuncturist to join the team, she has an impressive amount of career experience having started her private practice in 2006. She hails from one of the most reputable schools for Chinese medicine in the country, Samra University in California, where the standards for licensure are higher than anywhere else in the U.S. Top that off with post-graduate experience practicing modern Chinese medicine in specialty hospitals in Beijing, a Diplomate status with the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), a Bachelor’s Degree in International Affairs / China from The George Washington University, and a diverse clinical experience treating patients in private practice, community settings, and through the Veterans Administration, and you have…well….a unicorn.

Dr. Rose’s years of clinical experience have led to a proficiency in treating advanced orthopedic pain, post-surgical pain, stress-related conditions, eye disorders, urological conditions, prostate issues, sexual dysfunction, infertility and complex cases. 

As a former colleague put it, “She has a really wonderful rapport, she makes patients feel heard, but also is firm and direct while being able to demonstrate a high level of empathy and understanding.” In other words, you’re in good hands. 

So how does a California-trained acupuncturist who cut her teeth in Beijing and then refined her skills in South Dakota and Seattle end up in Florida? Sunshine. Scuba diving. Lifelong friendships are scattered throughout the Sunshine State. Quality of life. 

The addition of Dr. Rose makes a lot of sense at Family Tree Acupuncture, and we’re confident she’s a great fit for you as well.