Andres Nemeth

Andres Nemeth

Acupuncture Physician

How does one go from being an Air Traffic Controller in the US Air Force to being an Acupuncture Physician at Family Tree Acupuncture?

Consider this job description:
Responsible for the safe and expeditious movement of civilian and military aircraft during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Now consider this:
Responsible for the safe and expeditious movement of qi and blood throughout the meridians (or energy pathways) during Operation Restore Balance.

It makes sense, right?

Ever since he can remember, Andres has been fascinated by physics and energy…also known as quantum physics.

“Everything in the Universe is energy expressed in different shapes and forms. We are beings of energy, radiating our unique signature. This is what quantum physics has shown us time and time again. We are much more than what we perceive ourselves to be.”

After serving in the US Air Force, Andres redirected his energy towards the coordination of air ambulance transport operations, and then eventually towards the study of Chinese medicine. He is a graduate of the prestigious Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine, and holds his national board certification through NCCAOM.

“For me, redirecting and restoring energy flow is the science of the Divine. This is the reason why I chose to become an acupuncturist and an herbal medicine practitioner. I find wonder and delight with every patient as I observe how removing energy blocks allows the body to heal without any other external interventions.”