Ali Owens

Ali Owens

Happiness & Wellness Coordinator

If you’ve ever picked up the phone and called our office, then you’ve surely heard the voice that sounds just like a smile.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs may be the reason your symptoms go away, but Ali is one of the many reasons you love coming in for a treatment. She’s the brains behind your appointment reminders, the heart behind the menagerie of plants and fish that exist happily in our office, and the soul behind the fresh fruit infusions that you sip on in our relaxing waiting area.

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes at Family Tree, and Ali is driving that train. When you need directions to our office, she’ll get you here: she was born and raised in Daytona. If you’re curious to know what acupuncture feels like, she’ll give you the run-down: she was a patient at Family Tree for years before she joined our team. If your child comes into our office with a fever, she’s got tricks (and maybe even bubbles) up her sleeve to set them at ease: one of the many skills she picked up during her 9 years of experience in pediatric healthcare.

Ali is so much more than an Office Manager: she’s raising a free-spirited horse-lover, she’s an expert vintage/thrift-shopper, a passionate animal-lover, grower of all things green, DIY-er and practice-what-you-preach-er. Managing a busy wellness clinic is no small feat, and the title “Office Manager” doesn’t begin to cover it. She’s our Happiness & Wellness Coordinator and a vital branch of the Family Tree.